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… the most gratifying part of the build is seeing an owner’s reaction when they see their completed piece for the first time, and knowing they received exactly what they wanted... Jim Kerr
kerr marine refit and restoration


Kerr and Sons have been shipwrights, cabinetmakers and furniture designers for generations. Our heritage originated in New Zealand where Charles Kerr started his career as a wheelwright in the early 1900s.

kerr shipwright


We diligently apply our skills and expertise throughout the process, always mindful of the budget, and work closely with you to ensure that the ultimate form of the piece expresses the unique spirit in which it was conceived.

Sideboard - Soapstone with 3 Drawers


Most of our furniture is traditional stand-alone furniture; we also create architectural built-ins. We enjoy working in all materials and woods, recycled lumber being a favorite.