Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

We are a family company that produces and delivers high quality, custom designed furniture in all styles, woods, and materials. This allows us to offer you an open field and total freedom of design. We pride ourselves in helping you realize the piece you envisioned, working with you and your ideas to come up with a design concept that reflects who you are, and fits your style, home and family.

What We Build

Most of our furniture is traditional stand-alone furniture; we also create architectural built-ins. We enjoy working in all materials and woods, recycled lumber being a favorite. However, we’re well versed in the challenges, and pleasures, of working with domestic and exotic woods and veneers; stone; textiles and upholstery; copper; steel; carbon-fiber; glass; tiles; lighting; etc., and we are always eager to take on new material ideas and designs.

Custom Furniture

At Kerr and Sons, we feel that the most important dimension in building a custom work is the collective creative experience we share with you, the customer. Our job is not to build the piece we think you should have. Our job is to interpret and make real the piece that you envision. That means helping you clarify that vision, select materials that will capture the esthetics of the piece, and harmonize with the setting where it will live. We diligently apply our own skills and expertise throughout the process, always mindful of the budget, and work closely with you to ensure that the ultimate form of the piece expresses the unique spirit in which it was conceived. We encourage you to visit us anytime while the piece is being built, and truly enjoy the special kinship that comes from sharing the creative process.

… the most gratifying part of the build is seeing an owner’s reaction when they see their completed piece for the first time, and knowing they received exactly what they wanted... Jim Kerr